What sets LEGACY apart from the other

  1. Coach products? Why are Legacy products only available in some stores?
  2. It was created to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Coach. The leather and detail of the bags are far different than any collection and is priced a little higher. It's only in a few stores because it creates a sense of specialness to the collection, which it deserves :smile:
  3. It brought back the heavy duty leather too.
  4. just all around gorgeousness.
  5. The legacy bags are also more expensive so it seems as though the demand would be a little less. I mean alot of people can afford to spend $100, 200 or 300 on a bag but when you start getting into $400, 500 and 600 less people can afford to and are willing to pay that much.
  6. You would be suprised of the demand behind these bags, it's pretty huge.
  7. i just love the legacys altogether more. i mean, i think it's the leather detail, the simplicity yet timeless look and overall....turnlock. same reason why i brought the turnlock stripe planner.

    i play with it all day. much to my classmates' dismay because it does make a tiny click sound. now i just do it at home occasionally.

    when legacy was first introduced, it was launch in all stores across America, recently, as of the end of january, they have brought back all the legacy pieces to certain stores named the legacy stores...there are 15 of them in America (according to the book i have) but i also noticed that a lot of stores still have legacy...i think it just depends on the location. san jose's valleyfair and emeryville is definiely not flagships or higher (well, maybe san jose can be considered such, but the size of that store is average) so they shouldn't have it but they do.

    the thing that sets legacy i think, and what reed is banking on, is when coach first started out with bonnie cashin that meant a lot more then just a 'fashion trend' as some of the more elaborate styles that come through every month...

    he's dipping his feet into both categories. the timeless ones that makes you spend more $$ but you covet it more.

    and what has made coach stock soar...those fun bags that are just for a moment or two...not as expensive, and most likely the next month you'd be looking for something new..coach's price range would fit and make luxury affordable.

    i think the biggest compliment i've heard from someone about Coach was this french woman who was a world traveler- she loves our style and thinks the quality is well made, along with the merchandising and look and overall feel of the store. it's something i can't quite describe.

    then again if i do describe it it'll lose all it's luster ;)
  8. btw, as soon as i get my home comp's wireless keyboard fix so i can upload pics, if anyone's interested i have pictures of how these legacy rooms look like, the merchandising is just gorgeous. of course the products are for feb. so i can show it, but that means it's kind of old....
  9. Yes, I realize that there probably is a big demand. I am just pointing out that some potential customers of the less expensive bags would bow out when the price gets this high.

    As the poster above said, I also think the limited availability has to do with keeping the items special and more pretigious. When you create too widespread of availibility the unsold bags have to go somewhere, such as the outlets and are worth less.
  10. Coach's stock (COH) dropped almost 6% today.:wtf: Hopefully it will bounce back.
  11. ^^ Yea! I would love to see pics of what they look like...

    Heath - I think that is just because of the overall stock craziness that happened today... When China's market bombed, our DOW dropped by like 400 or 500 points!! I think it rebounded a bit, but still ended pretty crappy.. :shrugs:
  12. NO SIGNATURE! LOL! It has its own signature, like the locks, and the lining.. just not screaming it.
  13. def post pics! i would love that. :heart:

    i also agree with what you said in your longer post. legacy has such a classy, timeless look, and the quality is great... that's why i'm willing to shell out the money for it.

  14. My thoughts exactly!!
  15. Its been pretty well said already...but for me its the look of Bonnie Cashin's designs - but updated that I really love.

    As far as coach stock today....everything took a dive on the market today...

    And yes ms whitney..I'd love to see photos of the legacy rooms too....and does your book say where the 15 legacy stores are?