What seems fair?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I own 2 items that are no longer for sale on Coach.com or in the boutiques because they sold out. I've decided to sell them on eBay instead of keep them. What seems like a fair mark up for a current item that is sold out? I don't want to gouge people, but I also need to make a profit! I like to add BIN's to my auctions and thought you all would be good advisors on price. :smile:

    I know when I recently purchased a patchwork pouch that I'd been wanting I probably paid close to twice the outlet cost. But, I really wanted it, had been on the look out for it for months, and just decided to get it and stop my search! LOL I'm not suggesting any kind of mark up like that, but just wondering what seems "fair" to other buyers? Thanks!
  2. i guess it depends on the items. for example, as a seller i would feel justified in charging double for a highly coveted item just because i know others are willing to pay for it. BUT as a buyer i fear such prices.

    so i would suggest around >20% more than the MSRP?
  3. oh and if u don't mind me asking, what are the items u wish to sell?
  4. I totally relate because I'm a seller and buyer too! Thanks for the tip!
  5. I always just list with a low starting price and anything hot will always go over retail.
  6. hmmm...not sure if I should say only because I wouldn't want it to come across as if I'm pitching my items here, KWIM? Not that it's a secret, just trying to be careful of board etiquette and not doing any self-promotion. I just haven't been in this situation before where one of the items doesn't have any of it even listed on eBay yet because it's so new, that's why I asked my question. The other one has been listed at a HUGE VARIETY of prices. If you want to, how about PMing me?
  7. So do you not add BIN's to your auctions? I think I like them because they can be over quickly, and as a buyer, I always appreciate being able to immediately buy someting I really want instead of waiting for the auction to end.
  8. see what other auctions are going for and adjust accordingly.
  9. I've found that things have gone for the best price on eBay without a BIN - in January I sold a white optic bee mini skinny for probably close to three times what I paid for it, I was really shocked. Something about an auction makes people bid way more than they'd normally pay for something.
  10. I always add BIN prices to Coach auctions too. For a coveted item, why don't you add what you want over the retail price...I always try to price an item (BIN) so it will sell quickly and to make a small profit if it's coveted. If it's highly in demand, I would start it either low knowing it will rise (though if it rises really varies sometimes!) or you can start it at retail and it would probably go up from there. It really depends on what it is. I know that I sold (BIN) a Legacy bag a little under retail as I used it a few times and they are still available. Good luck!
  11. Oh, you can do an advanced search to see whatever items you are wanting to sell and see what they sold for.
  12. In order to profit from fees from ebay and paypal it was once it should be 30 percent profit to make out. I know for me as a buyer I would much rather have a buy it now because you have to at least list for five days selling coach items and no shorter. I lose interest and plus I work so I cannot follow them. Research and look at completed items recently because a matter of a week prices can change.