What season/yr did the work style begin?

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  1. I know there were works in '04 F/W... but were there any works before that?? :confused1:
  2. I thought the Works came out in '05.
  3. The work was launched in S/S '05 :smile:
  4. OHHHH! Nevermind then... Thanks guys!! :flowers:
  5. Pewter! doesn't that suck!!!!!!! There are so many gorgeous colors from '04 I want so bad to be in the Work style!:sad:
  6. You could always go for a weekender instead ... when was the weekender launched? I know that it came in Lilac '04.
  7. What about the weekender? :shame:
  8. Weekender has been around since S/S '03 I believe :smile: