What poor animal was this "authentic" Spy made from??

  1. furry.JPG
  2. I wonder what kind of "fur" it is???!!! HAHAHA!:rolleyes: I am kind of tempted to ask and see what she says!
  3. Oh, please keep me posted.
  4. HAHAHA...I just sent her an email asking. I just want to see what her answer is for that!!! I will keep you posted when she replays...IF she replies.
  5. Those are hilarious, LOL :roflmfao:
  6. Lol that is to funny.
  7. Okay that's really funny looking. LOL!
  8. They emailed me back saying it was rabbit fur. I have never seen rabbit fur look like that before!!!:smile:
  9. The fur ones are supposed to be mink.
  10. Hahahah.. hilarious, it's like a tribble !
  11. sorry but skunk for a handbag is disgusting a beautiful creature when alive but to make a handbag of one!!!!!!!!!
  12. I think the white one is from Cousin It.