what outfits to wear w/ the Ergo tote in Turquoise?

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  1. I just bought a new Ergo large tote in turquoise. What outfits do you wear w/ this bag? Could I wear both casual and dressy outfits with this bag? Picture attached below....
  2. Here's the pic....
  3. i love chocolate brown w turqoise. it can also look great w beige, grey, black...
  4. I just love that shade of Turquoise. I see it with dark jeans, crisp white blouse or shirt and cute shoes.

    Or all black and white would make that bag pop for sure.

    Then again I wear a lot of pink so I think it would look great against jeans and pink shirt.

    The choices are endless!
  5. Thanks for the good suggestions, I'll be sure to keep that in mind! :tup:
  6. I own the very same bag and wear it with everything. I even think it is versatile enough to wear it in the fall with all the eartly colors like brown, green, camel, black and grey. I think it will add a pop of color as the days get darker.
  7. I have the same bag also and I wear it with everything. However I don't really match my handbags to my clothing.

  8. ITA:yes: It's a totally colorful neutral...wear it with everything!
  9. My 5 yr old Sofia is sitting here with me . . . "mommy that's your purse" Yes it is! It is a great neutral color. But i like this turquoise with lime, olive greens, plums, violets . . . if you have colorful printed blouses do not hesitate to wear this color with it! It's fun. Drive fast and take chances!

    Just looooook at the colors on your scarf next to that turquoise! It works!