What outfit do Colloer De Chien bracelet and belt

  1. Hello girls, I'm struggling whether or not to sell my Collier De Chien bracelet, it's such a beautiful bracelet, but DH and DD thinks it doens't suit me right.... but I think it does, because it has this sorta edgy look.. I'm even thinking to order a matching belt, Any advice what outfit might go right with it ? ANY input would be helpful ! TIA !!:yes::flowers:
  2. I don't have outfit ideas, but I think that if you think the bracelet is beautiful and suits you, you should keep it.
  3. They go with anything. I've even worn them with my scrubs. But, I think they look best with the sleeves rolled up or with short sleeves.
  4. Ok...here's one thing I learned. I never take the advice of my teenager (my DD is 16 and thinks fashion consists of shredded t-shirts) OR my husband who owns only two pair of shoes and both are Ecco's.

    Keep the bracelet if you love it! I bet you look GREAT with a little bit o'edge going on!
  5. Keep it - so cute!
    Hmmm, you could wear it with jeans, black cashmere 3/4 length fitted sweater, fab H bag and leopard mules!
  6. Personally I love the collier de chien bracelet, but I think you have to feel comfortable wearing it. It is edgy but that's what I love about it.
  7. I ADORE them, and I'm hoping to pick up a white/pall one in Melbourne in a few weeks....I say KEEP IT!!!!!!!
  8. I say keep it as well! It is such a lovely piece and I wouldn't want you to regret selling it, so keep it :biggrin:
  9. I think it's a great bracelet, and it's always showing up in the fashion world --Devil Wears Prada Emily wore it, it's in this month's Elle--it's an edgy classic and you should keep it for sure. I can't wait to get one myself!
  10. That collier bracelet you have will look KILLER paired with some HOT designer Jeans and with a white button shirt and that BJ Birkin of yours and a black belt and simple black leather pumps! Aww,.. I can picture that right now! :love:
  11. ^ I agree - LOVE them casual with jeans!!!!
  12. Oh GOSH !! You guys are killing me !!!
    I DO wear designer jeans with simple white tank, v-neck t-shirt, Anne Fountaine shirt, and LOVE wearing my blk and navy 3/4 cashmere sweater, and I also have a Leopard flats, a classic black Manolo and Chanel pump..... I don't want to try too hard on wearing it but when I look at the mirror, somehow I just don't look right....:cursing::cursing: ... sigh...
  13. whats the combo? Perhaps we can help with outfits?
  14. K, it's Blue Roi Croc with Palladium,

    I just tried it on again with my RR jeans, Black pump, a white tank under a 3/4 sleeve cashmere sweater and a navy box birkin, it looks exceptionally good :nuts:

    Maybe because when I wore it to DH and DD with my PJ and bad hair made it look bad...
    Now I have to rethink again about selling it... :shrugs:
  15. DON'T SELL IT!!!!

    I refuse point blank to take fashion advice from my DH...they know NOTHING!!! LOL!!

    Your outfit sounds FAB! You don't sound like you need any advice! And the cuff is SOOOOO DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!