What my Pomme Roxbury will hold (photos)

  1. Finally took these pics... here is my lovely Roxbury Drive shot in natural daylight, and filled with a few things, but not stuffed.

    Pictured inside: a white MC cles in the pocket, an LG flip phone, a white MC koala wallet, and a monogram koala small agenda. There is also more room for a small cosmetics case or an ipod...




  2. Woman!!! What are you doing?!! Stop posting such lovely pictures, you're going to make me want to get it too!! :lol:
  3. I definetly agree that it will hold quite a bit! Does it bulge at all when you close it?
  4. You are making me fall in love with this bag, even though I passed on it before.. :girlsigh:
  5. That is so nice.
  6. LOL Panda...I LOVE mine....can't wait to take her out when it stops snowing here!
  7. I'm really really starting to lvoe that bag!:yes:
  8. Thanks, Jane, for sharing what the Roxbury can hold. Love all your LV inside!:love:
  9. No, I would lay the wallet and agenda flat at the bottom -- I stood them up so they could both be seen. It's really roomy enough to arrange these items inside.
  10. Also, those who are buying this bag, I would caution you against getting a matching pomme vernis wallet. Not only is it too matchy-matchy, but it may get "lost" in the red interior. I found that the white MC really pops inside the bag! A damier wallet would look great too. Azur may not look that good, however, that is, if you even care about things like that.
  11. i would never have thought of this bag- but it really is pretty! i love your mc items, too!
  12. your bag is gorgeous!! :love: thanks for the pics!
  13. You are killing with your pics...I am dying here!!!

    Love your pics..that fits alot!!
  14. The Roxbury is such an awesome bag. I highly recommend it.
  15. Great pictures! :nuts: What a beautiful bag :love: