What my husband is carrying right now

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  1. Hubby is a trucker for a small, local courier company (think UPS but only doing local NY/NJ deliveries).

    Anyway, he called me to say that he just picked up 4 boxes from the MJ offices on Spring Street each containing 10 handbags to deliver to their publicist downtown. Can you imagine? :nuts: He is carrying 40 MJ handbags in his truck right now!

    I told him I know some ladies that would kill him for those-LOL!
  2. Tell him to drive south to Texas. I'll meet him at the Oklahoma border. :smile:
  3. Yup, time to go knock over that truck!!;) :P
  4. :nuts: HOLY MOTHER!!!
  5. We need to hijack that truck! Hmm... now where about did you say he was going to be??? I think I have an appointment in that area...
  6. Omg, ladies your responses are sooo funny! But seriously Nishi, wow, if I was over there, the truck would be gone!
  7. wow wow wow!! I am in White Plains... am I close? I'll share!
  8. You should have told him, "If you really love me, you'll bring me those bags right now." :angel: :devil:

  9. I wish we could take a peek! I bet those are the new resort bags!!
  10. Can't he just keep one for you? I'm sure no one will notice!
  11. ^^^^^
    wouldn't that be great? sigh...............
  12. Seriously Nishi, you should have told him, to keep one just for you! Just kidding, wow, I would have told him don't even come close to the house, because I will get them!
  13. WOO HOO BAY-BAY! Go MJ! There is a preordered (Feb! :yucky: ) one I so want, betcha it's in there!
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