What Miroir items are you getting?


Which of the Miroir accessories are you planning on getting?

  1. Gold Heart

  2. Silver Heart

  3. Gold Cosmetics Case

  4. Silver Cosmetics Case

  5. Both Hearts

  6. Both Cases

  7. 2 Hearts & 1 Case

  8. 2 Cases & 1 Heart

  9. All Four

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  1. Which (if any) of the miroir accessories are you planning on getting in January?

    I myself am thinking of getting the silver cosmetics case :graucho:
  2. Cant tell now. Have to see them IRL. But at least 1 Heart.
  3. Like mercx5 said, don't really know till I see them but I'm thinking gold heart and both cosmetic bags. Can't go wrong. Maybe should get the silver heart too? What do you guys think? Am I crazy? I just feel so left out from not getting a Mirroir Lockit or Speedy.
  4. i really want the cosmetic bag.

  5. Maybe a cosmetic bag in gold? I don't know. I have my bags so I pretty much have my fill of Miroir.
  6. I'm so envious of you Lvbabydoll!
  7. Both hearts!
  8. I think i want to get a gold coeur.
  9. Hmmm....the price point is good for the miroir hearts, but I'm not an accessory gal...then again I LOVED the pomme heart and wish I got it...argh...still debating on it. :shame:
  10. nada:nogood:
  11. i think all of them, lol. I dont wana feel left out.
  12. Not sure...but probably nothing
  13. I have WL'd for the gold coeur (heart) and the cosmetic case.
    I am still on the fence about the other colors....
  14. I'm still not sold on this line, so none!