What medium size bags wear the best?

  1. I am thinking about getting a medium size bag but would love to know what bags wear the best over time. I tend to spill all over my bags so whatever bags could be wiped clean would be great. I currently have a hamptons medium black leather carryall and brown sig stripe carryall and 5 smaller bags. I probably need another color other than brown or black as that is what I mostly carry.

    Please inspire me with your great suggestions and I would prefer a bag I could hopefully get at the outlet as I am hesitant to pay full price.

  2. Maybe you would like the new heritage stripe bags, they are coated canvas.
  3. Generally speaking it isn't a great idea to spill on either leather or uncoated sig fabric, but treated leather might be your best bet after the Heritage Stripe coated canvas (a new line not yet at outlet). I treat all my leather bags with Wilson's protective spray and have never had a problem with water stains or anything else. They generally wipe clean (but the spray should be reapplied after the bag gets wet or is cleaned).

    I find the Bleecker Large Flap or the Legacy shoulder bags (2006 or 2007) to be nice medium-sized bags, but it might depend on your definition of medium versus small.
  4. The medium ergo hobo wears wonderfully.
  5. I agree ! That is exactly the bag I thought of when she asked !!! It is my fav. bag EVER !
  6. Thanks so much! I will have to try on all these suggestions. While i never mean to spill it still seems to happen!! Also you never know when you will get caught in a thunderstorm! That has happened to me multiple times and I hate to own a bag that would be completely ruined from rain.
  7. A medium Ergo Hobo sounds like a good choice...maybe a patent leather one? That would wipe clean easily!
  8. Me too!!! Ergo would be the best!!!
  9. i tried the ergo on before i believe it was the sig fabric and they seemed really wide on me. did anyone else have the same problem?
  10. I haven't found my ergo chocolate siggie ergo hobo wide on me. I am 5ft 3 and weigh 115. I think it depends on the individual. I guess bags fit us each different.
    It is a good thing Coach makes alot of different styles and sizes so we can find what is perfect for each one of us.:p