What L.A.M.B. are you carrying today?

  1. im BAAAAAACK ;)

    FULANI Westfield in Sandusky Ohio ALL weekend. LOVE Fulani. LOVE the Westfield. LOVE Cedar Point. LOVE Steak and Shake. AMAZING weekend :biggrin:
  2. I use the Saddle Marigold Williamsfield on a daily basis! Love it, and get many compliments on it.
  3. Cheetah Kingston = the new love of my life. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!
  4. I am carrying my chain plaid Hopewell with matching wallet!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow L.A.M.B lovers out there!!
  5. ^Beautiful bags girls!!:cloud9:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I'm thankful to feel part of such an amazing Lambie family!:hugs:
  6. Over the weekend I carried my LAMB- Wyatt Ryder in marigold & Ceylon Wallet/keychain in lapis.
  7. Nice!
  8. LAMB Williamsfield tote-Alchemy & RM Black MAC.
  9. Greenwood Mini Mandalay Satchel
  10. Got in the closet and brought out the lipstick esquivel. I had forgotten how much I love that bag!
  11. I am carrying my new silver Esquivel. I love it!!!
  12. Black love capri satchel:biggrin:
  13. Greenwood mandalay satchel
  14. Black & White blocks crossbody. I can't think of the name... haha :smile: I still love all of my L.A.M.B. wallets, bags etc.. They are fun and edgy! There are times I enjoy using them more than my high end designer bags. I think it's because they are different and its rare to see L.A.M.B. anymore.
  15. Ryder Wyatt in Marigold