What L.A.M.B. are you carrying today?

  1. Today will be the Bullseye Wilbury! We are going to a 10 year old's bday party so I'm anticipating a lot of running around!!! :push:
  2. It's the Cheetah St. Thomas today for me!
  3. I am thinking about busting out the lipstick mandeville for the first time today... I am kind of in a sad mood i just got an Linea Pelle bag and the color is rubbing off on me :sad: so Hopefuly using my other new bag will put me in a good mood!!!
    (I know I know i cheated on Lamb twice this week)
  4. I'm carrying the Rasta Marley Hill.
  5. Shadow Mandeville
  6. Lipstick morant. I'm hoping my compact saddle wallet comes in today! Right now I'm using my silver clutch and it's getting a little banged up by the zipper on the morant when I take it in and out.
  7. LS Mandeville
  8. I'm doing a two-for. Tonight I'll either be carrying my silver Marley Hill or Mandeville
  9. Just got back from the bridesmaid dress fitting, and you know I rocked the Cheetah Esquivel!

    One of the girls asked "Where did you get that bag?!" and my friend chimed in "probably Nordstrom" :rolleyes:

  10. ^^lmao!
  11. I carried my Lipstick Mandeville, my one and only.
  12. Today is the Shadow Montego!
  13. ^ beautiful!!:love:
  14. Smoke Notting Hill!
  15. finally..
    the LS Montego met the world.. :biggrin: