What kinds of stuff do you like/hate in salad?

  1. I need to bring a salad to a dinner party and I was just wondering what kinds of things you love/hate in a green salad...

    I have in my fridge: iceberg and romaine lettuce, carrots, red onion, radishes, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, cherry tomatoes. I have olives and croutons too. Does that sound like it would make a good garden salad? Anything I should add/leave out?

    I eat everything, so I'm not good at catering to picky eaters! I made perfect s'mores brownies for this group once and a few of the people wouldn't even try them :rolleyes:
  2. The whole thing sounds delicious! My feeling is as long as your vegetables are fresh you really can't go wrong with a garden salad.
    You can always theme a salad and use an appropriate dressing-- like a Greek salad, with tomatoes, red onion, olives, feta cheese and cucumber.
    But, if you are going for a garden salad, I think all of your ingredients sound great-- and people can always pick off what they don't like.
  3. sounds really good. I'm just a lil' picky and don't care for croutons or broccoli in my salad, LOL. But your recipe sounds delicious!
  4. Not too crazy about iceberg or romaine, I love Spring mix, herb type leafy greens, radiccio, arugula, baby spinach, herb mix from Trader Joe's is great also. The Sprig mix in a large tub is only $4 at Costso or Sam's Club btw. That with large shrimp, avocado, dried cranberries, thinly sliced pears or apples, crumbled goats cheese and a light sesame chinese chicken dressing....yummy, I'm hungry!
  5. Salads are pretty much my favorite meal!

    I like almost anything in one except fruit, croutons, peas and big blue cheese chunks.
  6. i am not too picky with my salads but just no croutons or beans.
  7. Thanks for the help ladies!

    I guess I'll leave the croutons separate?? I had no idea they were so unpopular lol :p
  8. Oh and did I mention I have CARROTS?! I just read the OP and realized I put that on the list twice :lol:
  9. How about pine nuts? I hate gorgonzola cheese
  10. personally, i say skip the iceberg (not much flavor and romaine is so much prettier!) and the red onion is iffy. it tends to taint the flavor of everything and if you dont like it thats not a good thing. broccoli can go either way. i personally dont like it raw, but thats easy to pick out. i would definitely add nuts...sliced almonds, or walnuts, pine nuts, etc. and peel the carrots with a potato peeler. all thin and curly theyre so pretty :yes:
  11. I like just about everything in a salad, except artichoke hearts.
  12. I like most everything, except croutons, broccoli, and olives.
  13. Love broccoli. Hate any kind of cheese.
  14. Like: Goat or Sheep cheese, in copious amounts, any kind! Cucumber, radishes, pine nuts, toasted walnuts, toasted pecans, fresh mozzarella, pear, raspberries, strawberries, spinach, butter lettuce, enoki, onion, bacon, olives, sweet tomatoes, shallot, raddichio, arugala, endive, any green basically.

    Dislike: Blue cheese, cottage cheese, any citrus fruits (citrus dressings are fine though), almonds, carrot (love carrots, just not on a salad), broccoli, iceburg lettuce (flavorless, bleh), raw white mushrooms, ham, artichoke hearts, raisins, cranberries (all dried fruit, actually), apple, melon, seeds of any kind.
  15. For me salad is all about the dressing and the crunchies! I'm kinda boring with salads, I like romaine or Butter lettuce. I like creamy and cheesy dressings. I love blue cheese, goat, feta, parmesan peppercorn, ranch, ceasar, salsa ranch, and bbq ranch. I also love asian salads with plum sauce dressings- like cheesecake factory. I adore fresh croutons, seeds, nuts, wontons, fried noodles, tortilla strips, and bacon bits (yes, kinda ghetto!). I really like those parmesan cheese crackers too. I don't like veggies in my salad. But, I love salty black olives! Forgo the onions, as they do tend to flavor the rest of the dish. I am very good at turning a healthy choice into something that can give you a heart attack!