What kind of wallet do I have?

  1. Does anybody know what collection my wallet is from and the style number? How about the color? I would call it burgandy and brown but I know Coach calls the colors differently...

    Any info appreciated and thanks!!!
    PICT4127 (Medium).JPG PICT4129 (Medium).JPG
  2. i have that same wallet - but it's in signature/gold trim.
    style 6k14

  3. ^ you're right. it's a soho wallet...but i'm not sure what kind.
  4. LOL! It may always be my mystery wallet. :p

    Anybody have an idea as to what Coach calls this color?
  5. oops !,wrong post
  6. I;ve seen that on wristlets, in outlets..
  7. it is a soho...i think from 2005. what is that site that lets us find the older web pages of coach.com? if someone knows what site that is you can look around and see if you can find it and get the number there.
  8. I have all the 2006 cataloge's, I will look through them too.
  9. Soho mini wallet 8688
  10. Wow - thanks so much!!! I appreciate you taking the time!

    Now I just have to figure out the color but maybe I can look through eBay auctions and find that out.

    Thank you again!
  11. Well, 8688 isn't quite it... I looked at eBay using the number and the 8688 ones don't have the zip around coin...

    It's still the mystery wallet! :sad:

    3487 looks almost like it -- but the buckle is too fat.
  12. I was looking at the way back website and it looks more like the soho stuff from 2004. The strap was not as wide then and had three notches like yours.
  13. Thanks again!