What kind of shoes/sandals do you wear with your bermuda shorts?

  1. I just bought a pair and having a hard time deciding what would look good with them. Wedges, heels, flip flops, flats? Also, it would be for the work place so I guess flip flops are out.
  2. depends on the style of bermudas.
    khaki or nicer ones would look great w/ sandals, espadrilles, wedges and lace up wedges. Denim would look pretty good w/ almost anything.
  3. Hmm, for the work place is tricky... I would wear them with pumps or open-toed pumps.
  4. I guess if you want the illusion of having a longer leg, wear something with a heel.
  5. they go with everything:flats, espadrilles, opened toe pumps, wedges....maybe if you want to wear them at the workplace you can wear flats or not too high espadrilles!
  6. For going out, I wear a pair of stilletos, at work I wear an open toe sandal with a heel.
  7. Flats or espadrilles!
  8. Flat sandals. :smile:
  9. I'm actually wearing a nice pair of bermuda shorts today for work (we have a relatively casual environment here), and I'm wearing sandals similar to these:


    I'm lucky that we don't have a strict dress code.
  10. i'd say wedges or flats

    If they are dressy a nice heel
  11. I wear espadrilles. But I'd wear heels also for dressier occasions.
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