What kind of Resources do you seek before Making a purchase ?

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  1. Im visual so I like to see the item whenever possible, I do use magazines as a resource and somtimes the internet. :idea:
  2. I agree. I use magazines and the internet but before I purchase it I need to go to the store and look at it. Especially when its an expensive purchase and even more so If I am purchasing it from a boutique which doesn't allow refunds.
  3. Mostly the internet, especially message boards!
  4. umm, i usually go into the store - thats if there is a store here or else i'll lots of ppl for advice eg/ YOU GUYS and keep surfing the net for lots of pics an information! :amuse:
  5. Here too...all of you do most of the work for me. I love to see the bag before I buy it.
  6. The net, magazines, lookbooks, and of course first hand experience :biggrin: I need to see it before I buy it, well most times.
  7. First I look at it online, then I go see it in the store if possible, and of course, ask the opinions of the wonderful ladies here :biggrin:
  8. This forum and going to the store mostly and trying stuff on. I learned that what looks good on someone else (even with your body type) may not look good on me (because of other features like skin color and hair).
  9. Usually i see it in a magazine then I'll research it on the net then I'll go in store