What kind of Coach is this? (pic included)

  1. I bought this at one of the Coach outlets in Orlando a few months ago.

    The tag says SOH S/G Satchel.

    What does the SOH and S/G mean?

    I have the exact same one in a brown suede but the hardware on it is brass.



  2. SOH stands for the Soho line...I assume S/G means Signature, but I don't know for sure.

    Nice bag!
  3. Soho Signature

    very cute bag! I love the shape of it.
  4. Well duhh... I guess I should of been able to figure that out. :lol:

    Thanks so much and thanks for the compliments. It's one of my fav bags right now. :p
  5. That is cute ! Usually the peices with that type of buckle are from the soho line. they are the rounded on top buckles.
  6. I THINK that is the Soho Mia satchel.....but I'm not 100% sure!!!!! VERY cute bag!!!!
  7. It's the Soho Mia Satchel. I have one at home...great bag!!
  8. S/G might be Silver/Gunmetal?
  9. Congrats it's really pretty.. I love Soho line a lot!!!
  10. Just saw a lady carrying that yesterday at the Danbury Fair Mall, CT. I noticed it immediately, and it's very very nice!!!
  11. Soho is my 1st Coach. Always a love.
  12. Nice Bag!
  13. Thanks everyone!