What Kind Of Cell Phone Do You Have An Could NEVER Live W/O???

  1. I have a treo 700 wx that I would die without. It does so much and helps me stay organized which is saying something. I could never get into agenda's.

    Do most of you use your phone's to keep you on top of things or do you prefer an agenda??
  2. I just got the new chocolate in black cherry. I love it! It's slimer and sleeker than the original. They changed the wheel to a roller wheel.

    I use an agena for my appts. though. I'm one of those people who likes to "write" down my stuff. :smile:
  3. yeah I have my blackberry pearl red, I put everything in it and cant live without it. I also have a large calendar were I would write down my appt and days my bills are due.
  4. I can live without it, but I miss it so much! Sidekick 3! It is so convenient! I have the tmobile dash now, I like it, but I still miss the sidekick!

  5. I have the same phone and I TOTALLY agree!!!!!:smile: LOVE IT!!!
  6. tmobile sidekick juicy couture LE!! only text and surf on it but i wouldn't know what to do w/o it, other times i use razor to make calls.
  7. I've still got just an ordinary Motorola Razr.. I'm waiting for the iPhone. :graucho:

    Alternatively, I'll be chained down to a Blackberry from work soon enough so I won't have a choice anyways !
  8. I have a Blackberry Pearl and a Cingular 8125. My 8125 enables me to access any website from anywhere and looks like a mini computer. It's Windows Mobile 5.0. It's my lifeline. My world is in it, and I keep about 200 songs on my memory card, as well as games. It does everything! I used to be a manager for Cingular for years, so my standards are pretty high when it comes to phones.
  9. Blackberry Curve! It's my life. I have to plan out every hour of my life basically so the planner is very handy-dandy. :tup:

    I think I could live without my iPhone though..it's just not a practical phone. Too much hype!
  10. I have a Samsung slider (T-Mobile). I switched back to this after my (now ex) BF got me into multiple phones/blackberries/etc as he worked for a competitor. I didn't mind as it was free at the time, but honestly for me I don't want an electronic PDA of any sort just yet so I was happy to ditch the Blackberry.

    I love having a cell phone but I also love the old school way of documenting appointments in my gorgeous Filofax (black yummy leather with white topstitching).

    However, I live and die by Microsoft Outlook...I can't be completely unplugged and need my popup reminders! I just love the ritual of documenting things in my Filofax as a backup...
  11. I have a Cingular 8125. I would die without it. I can get to my email and calendar super easy and fast. It's very easy to use and also holds a lot of music. The camera is pretty decent too. And texting is so easy! I like how the keyboard slides out so that the keys don't get damaged being out all the time. I'm pretty rough on my phones and this one has taken a good beating and still works great. Unfortunately now that Cingular has switched to AT&T I've been experiencing a ton of dropped calls and voicemail issues so I'm not too sure how much longer I'll be able to keep this phone if it won't work with another carrier.
  12. I was told my Sidekick 3 DVF LE the other day... I will never let it go...I love love love that phone.
  13. JUST got an iphone...except for a few glitches it doesnt have..I ADORE IT!
    Its my new toy!LOL
  14. i want a blackberry. hopefully verizon will move their ass and get the curve soon! once i get it i can't wait to slam my razr against a brick wall!
  15. I have the MOTO Q, I love it. I use it to organize myself too!