What kind of Car does the Balenciaga gal/guy get up and GO GO in?

  1. For me it is a 2000 Volkeswagon Bug ~ Bright Yellow ~
    Will look good with my Balenciaga Bag ~ wouldn't you say?

    Linda Marie:wlae:
  2. Oh I love those VW cars!! Used to have a red convertible one when I was 16! :love: For now it's a Lexus GX470 for me!
  3. Uh......I drive a SAAB.


    With Roof-Racks.:shame:

  4. he he
    me too
  5. Black Subaru Forester
  6. I just got a silver Chrystler 300 SRT about 6 months ago. I LOVE IT!!!!:love:
  7. Hubby gave me a Mercedes SL500 (silver) for Christmas! :yahoo: :love:

    But the two dogs (Bouvs) and I still use the 1999 Expedition for errands together.
  8. What a guy!!! Lucky you! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas for YOU!

    Linda Marie:yahoo:
  9. Silver Navigator. DH's present to me 2 Xmas's ago
  10. Another good guy!:yes:
  11. Just sold my VW Red Beetle convertible :sad: have down sized to a city car for London. It's still a cute citroen C1!:cutesy: One day when I live out of the city i'll have my Beetle back though.....:yes:
  12. I don't drive anything fancy...a 2000 Mazda 626.
  13. A sky blue Mercedes. No idea what model. E something? It's a 4 door.

    Ask me about bags, not cars. I am clueless.:confused1:

    Hopefully the next will be a Mini Cooper:graucho:
  14. 2006 Jetta, its charcoal grey. I :heart: :heart: it.

    I want to get an anthracite city so it can match my car :shame: :love:

    :roflmfao::roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. My car matches my only Bbag, white first and a white Acura 06 TSX. :roflmfao: