What Kelly fits your personality/style?

  1. This is in the looong future, or near, who knows? Augh, I'm an H addict now!

    I am pretty casual when it comes to dressing, such as jeans, a nice top, an H scarf, and cute flats. But now and then I like to dress up, such as a soft skirt or a halter dress. I don't have many occasions to really dress up, except an occasional wedding or a really nice show to attend.

    So looking at this fashion, should I go for the Kelly retourne or the sellier? I love how the sellier looks, as I like structure and sharpness, but it probably won't go with my style, right? I would like something I can wear everyday and not just for those special dinners.

    Also, input on your style and Kelly preference would be lovely! Thanks!:heart:
  2. May,

    I am also a fan of the structured sellier style, but find that it would not work for me as a primary Kelly bag right now, so I went retourne.

    I think it's more than just the retournes vs sellier question. I think leather and color would also define whether the bag is casual or not.

    If you went with Box or Chevre for example, you could dress it down or dress it up and still go with either Kelly style.
  3. Thanks QM! Hmm I was thinking between a box calf for the sellier. In retourne, I like the softer leathers... chevre or clemence.
  4. What'll work is say, a retourne fun colour or maybe one of the neutrals like etoupe or gold, or even blk. That would suit your "everyday" bag. Then, all you need for those "occasional" events you mentioned - a fabby blk boxcalf clutch. There, you're set!:graucho:
  5. I am mostly casual everyday and I find that a retourne Kelly in a textured leather like togo works very well for running around and also for plane travel. A black box Kelly in retourne is great for day-to-night and not just for dressed up. I wear mine with jeans, T's and flats/loafers and it never looks out of place. I have a sellier Kelly that i find beautiful but not as easy to use, but if you like the look and feel of it I think you can wear it just the same way, dressed up or down as you wish.
  6. Gosh, I don't know.... Finn, what do you think?
  7. I think it's so much of a personal choice. Even though I'm very casual, I just love the sellier style (in a chevre). I hope someday this kelly will fit into my budget!
  8. It's tough to say. I thought I was a sellier girl, but now I know that based on my current life, I really need a 28 black box retourne...and will need to strategize to get one. Eventually. I originally thought I wanted sellier (rigide in the old days) because I wanted the bag to hold its shape for the long haul, but retourne box in a 28, with my obsessive carefulness with my bags, will never get sloppy.
  9. You sound like me, on normal dress days, the LV Speedy works so great with all my outfits. BUT I just got my Kelly and she works really well into my wardrobe... causal and semi-causal.

    Here's some pictures of me working with jeans and a dress (Some might get sick of me posting and re-posting the same pictures). But here's for reference 32 Indigo Box Kelly Retourne (out-stitch)

  10. ^^princessfrog, your kelly looks amazing!

    Well, I think for my current style, I would like the retourne.. probably black color, palladium hardware. I have so many black handbags though.

    Thanks for everyone's input! i really appreciate it :yes:
  11. Oh may3545, the type of leather makes the Kelly looks so different. The Boxcalf makes the retourne kelly looks abit more "formal" but if you get a Togo or a Clemence it will be more slouchy and more causal as a result of that.
    I initially love Sellier more than Retourne but I am changing my mind with this current Kelly. :heart: So if you want more casual look, go for something in softer leather.
  12. Have you looked at Gold, Etoupe, or any of the reds? In Box or Chevre, these colors are amazing. And if you go retourne with these leathers, the bags can match any occassion.
  13. ^^ I'm always afraid of lighter colors like gold, because I fear corners getting even the teeniest bit dirty. Red sounds nice tho!
  14. May: My next few Kellys (or so I plan :p) are in the same size =32, same retourne, but in either Fuschia or Gold or Rouge H. I believe Fuschia and Gold can match most of my stuff in my wardrobe and also great for summer colors.

    But Rouge H can match pretty similar stuff to Indigo (based on my wardrobe anyway).

    So why not go for a Gold or a Graphite or an Indigo?
  15. Soooo many choices! I'm swimming in ideas and thinking of the imaginatively possible! I would love a collection someday... for now, focusing on that ONE. Tough choice!