What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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  1. What size is this?
  2. This may be an oldie but still a goodie! I love this bag and I may decided to get it late, I still love it! I got it preloved but in very good condition...

    Welcoming my Marc Jacobs Stam in Blush Pink GHW! This is much more wearable than my Patchwork in Metallic Rose Gold.. Hoping to catch a Cobalt Blue Stam also!



    My twins!

  3. She came!
    Florentine Sloan

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  4. MM
  5. After ages of consideration, I finally got a cousin for my Matte Grass Rockie...Black/rose gold. So happy I finally pulled the trigger.
  6. My latest purchase is the stunning Fendi Peekaboo mini in grey calfskin with swh. IMG_4138.JPG
  7. Ebay gods were kind to me and someone was selling a Deadly Ponies bag in like new condition in the exact color I wanted for ages - a now extinct Mr. Finch in nightshade. The DP deerskin nappa can give a run for its money to any high end brand out there, it is that good :smile:.
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  8. Strathberry Midi Tote in tan bridle leather

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  9. She’s gorg! I’m curious as to how she’ll hold up and what you’ll wear her with!
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  10. I bought it for my wife and so far so good! I suspect it'll scratch easily though. I wrote a note detailed review in the strathberry thread if that helps :smile:
  11. Bought two new bags, an adorable fun one just in time for spring/summer, and a practical (but fashionable!) rolling work bag. Got to make sure to take care of your back!

    From a brand I haven't seen discussed on TPF yet, Florian London. I wrote a more in-depth first impressions review on this thread!

    The rolling bag I found from Google Images on a suspicious website, while I was trying to find an actually fashionable spinner bag. This is the closet I could get, and the purchase worked out! Someone should really capitalize on this market - there's a huge hole! Any good-looking rolling bags don't have the 360 wheels, which is such an important feature.

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  12. My most recent bag is this Chanel Square Mini in black caviar and light gold hardware.
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