What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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  1. whats the last bag u purchased ??
  2. Heres mine, its a YSL St. Tropez large:


    btw that is NOT the dustbag for it, it came with the black one, I just put it on a white one so that it could be seen on the black tissue lol :smile:

    I am getting a new bag in the mail today, but UPS doesn't come until so darn late!!!!!!! :cry:
  3. My photos are all too large to post -- I gotta figure out how to solve that....

    I most recently bought a Tanner Krolle rabbit fur hobo and a Nancy Gonzalez silver croc clutch.

    I'm headed to Bottega tomorrow to see if I can get through life without buying one of theirs....

  4. Rafe Smoke Mischa from the Carnegie Collection.
  5. hehe you need Photoshop girl! :biggrin:
  6. Is that what I need? Seriously, I have to buy a new graphics/photo manipulation/school-flyer-creating program. Will that do all of the above?

    Hate to ask a question such as that on a purse blog, but you seem to know!

  7. You can definitely use Adobe Photoshop to do all that. How advanced are you?
  8. I have only had a digital camera for about a year and I've never really manipulated them. I used to use MICROSOFT PICTURE IT for making labels and flyers and such. It's an old program and it won't run on my new PC so I have to upgrade.

    You asked how advanced I was. Is it hard to use?

  9. I was just asking so that I could recommend a version of the program. If you have advanced graphic design skill you should get the newest one, but if not Adobe Photoshop 7.0 is good enough. Interface is pretty user friendly etc. It doesn't have those pre-made templates though. Not too hard to learn how to use :smile:
  10. Who'da thought this was the place to go for software advice! I shall investigate and be posting photos (I hope) shortly!

    Thanks again, Noriko -- my font of information!

  11. hehe anytime girl! We bag addicts have to look out for each other lol.
  12. Hello, I am new to bag collecting! Somehow I got lucky and found this website. Or maybe it will be "unlucky" since I've found people to indulge my new obsession. I don't have a large collection of bags nor do I know much about bags (I've never paid much attention) but now I am beginning to obsess about bags. Everywhere I go I see neat bags and want to learn as much about great bags as possible! Noriko that YSL bag is BEAUTIFUL. I don't think I am going to be able to collect too many bags as I don't have that kind of money! My most recent purchase was a turquoise Celine bag that I got on sale at Nordstrom. I don't know if this qualifies as a fashionable purchase, but I like it and that's started me off now! Now I want a Marc Jacobs multipocket and a Luella Gisele bag. I looked at a green Luella last year and almost got it but thought it might be too trendy. Well trendy or not I should've gotten it because now I can't find the bag anywhere and I am kicking myself over it!

    Cheers, Bibby (a new user!)
  13. Don't worry if it qualifies as a "fashionable purchase", as long as you like it that is what matters! Post pics! I have a green Luella bag, it is kind of trendy and to be honest I haven't even used it yet haha. Thanks for the compliment on the YSL, it love her!!!
  14. Kooba Natalia in expresso. I love the lacing detail... soo cute! :smile:

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  15. I have a green Luella Gisele. Its mostly beige quilted canvas and the straps and the handles and the flap are green. The quilting is actually done in green as well. I love it!