what is your plan for tomorrow?

  1. Work and going to see a movie
  2. Costco, Neiman Marcus for those 10,000 points and then dinner out . . . Thursday is DH and my fun day out.
  3. spend the morning with BFF, go shopping, have dinner/drinks with friends
  4. booking in an appointment to get my tattoo done! :yahoo:
  5. BFF's birthday dinner & night out on the town
  6. Enjoying my last workday til the 12th!!! Hubby and I may go out for a date night tomorrow night also.
  7. Work but getting out at 3:30pm, going home and making myself a nice dinner and drinking a glass of wine and watching a movie!
  8. Spending some time with DBF.. going back to the jewelry store to look at my ering since it's been sized since our last visit to make sure it fits good.. maybe look at some diamonds? (=
    Look for a study book that I need for a certification test I will be doing soonish.. maybe some shopping? =D
  9. My plans are still up in the air, but I will be going to Barrie for the whole weekend :biggrin: :biggrin: and I will be with my dog most of the time. But, I hope to hang out with someone special that I kind of messed up with back in February. If not...I will most likely party it up
  10. Go to work and go out to eat with the wife.
  11. Flying down to Fort Myers to see my son!
  12. talking sophie for a walk then food shopping.
  13. So exciting! What are you getting? I was thinking of getting one when I'm thru this horrible thing I'm going through, I know you know what I'm talking about because you've sent me such uplifting replies in the past, kind thoughts from strangers mean alot. We had procedure done and now have to wait till Monday for results(it will be long). So, what and where are you getting? Is this too personal of a question? Sorry if it is.
  14. deposit checks and cash in the bank.... that's about it
  15. Study, do my hair, apt hunting, visit DH's friend for a project, have lunch with DH, watch a lot of films.