What is your opinion of the Modern Chain bag with the zipper?

  1. I saw this on eBay and was wondering if anyone owns it or has seen it in the store. What do you think of it? Hope it is okay I copied the picture, but I didn't have any other ones to post.


    I also like the N/S tote, but always felt safer having a zipper. Should I be worried about a bag with just a magnetic closure snap? Are you comfortable with just the snap closure on the N/S tote bag? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. You should be that in the autenticate section. I don't think that is real. Actually, I know its not.
  3. that's a very strange looking bag. i don't think i've ever seen it before. it looks like a modern chain sort of mixed with the ultimate soft...
  4. I saw that auction last week. Honestly, I don't like it as well as the n/s or e/w tote. The placement of the zipper is somewhat strange in my opinion. But, i've never seen this bag in person either, so maybe it is different when seen up close.

    As far as the magnetic closures, I've never had any problems. That type of closure doesn't bother me at all. I have the cc tote which has the zipper and I never zip it at all.

    I would buy from teh boutique. If I remember correctly, wasn't this auction pricey? You can buy the n/s or e/w tote for less than the auction.
  5. dont do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hmm, actually..the bag is real. I have seen it at the CHANEL boutique myself, its a gorgeous bag. The photo doesnt really do it justice because its uber stuffed. The bag retailed around $2800.00
  7. Oops! Sorry, I may have misphrased my question. I saw it in the boutique, but wasn't sure how it compared to the N/S tote and which one everyone liked better.

    I really like the N/S tote, but am just a bit hesitant because of only having the snap closure. I know it might be silly, but I worry about bending over and having everything fall out. My son is little, so I am constantly bending over to pick him up and worry that something might fall out. Maybe I am worrying too much?
  8. wow. i guess i stand corrected. i was just in the chanel store a few hours ago and didn't see this one and they had all the modern chain. I am suprised the zipper pull is not a cc charm. anyone else want to sound off on this one? its not in the look book either. hmmm.....
  9. I saw this bag at SCP boutique. I tried it on and I don't like it. I feel bulky under my arm. Besides the zip running around like that makes it harder to open/close.

    I believe I saw this bag in Chanel lookbook. It's more expensive than n/s or e/w.
  10. I saw this at the SCP boutique also. Tried it on and put it back on the shelf. Very bulky and ackward, and the zipper was difficult to open/close. I really love the E/W MC, but it's just too big for my petite frame. This tote is similar in shape to the E/W, but smaller. It was such a disappointment that it's so awkward! Even my SA vetoed it. LOL. And it's MORE expensive than the E/W. A thumbs down for me!
  11. i saw this in HK airport chanel store. It is an odd looking bag to be honest. the N/S is better looking than this flap bag. Before you purchase any bags on eBay please make sure to authenticate it on the authenticate this thread.
  12. Wow, I have never seen this bag. It looks odd. How does it compare in size to the n/s and e/w? The leather is different too -- looks like caviar. Is it new?

    My MC e/w snugs under my arm and has a magnetic closure. I can't imagine anyone being able to get into it.
  13. This indeed is a funny looking bag... I have the N/S and am not worried about the closure just being a metallic stud as the bag is deep and as you wear it over your shoulders, it's quite secure.

    Also, the seller of this bag is well known for selling auth stuff and she is an MPRS, however, as always, please post items in the authentication thread to make sure.
  14. It's authentic bag. It's brand new MC style.
  15. I actually liked the look of this bag and was on the wait list for it to come into my local Chanel boutique. It arrived last week and I had to pass on it...too bulky and the (heavy) chain is too short. The bag just hit in an awkward place under my arm.

    The bag is better looking in real life BUT I don't think the design is going to win any prizes.