What is your next Dior Purchase?

  1. Stolen from the Chanel Sub-Forum as I have noticed we don't have one here in Dior...

    For me.. After my Hardcore Saddle Bag (which eventually a dream come true thanks to everyone here in Dior Forum!!!), my next purchase will be a Dior Flowers Saddle Bag (The one in brown!)

    or maybe the Dior Saddle Gaucho in off white!

    Can't make up my mind though! :biggrin:
  2. I just bought new white Dior flat sandal from Neiman. it 266.00$ sales price.
  3. Hubby just orderd me a red gaucho a second ago. dancing around.. waiting for it to be shipped now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. :girlsigh:I am thinking some earrings or a pair of ballerina flat. Would love to locate the 50s Paris Saddle bag:crybaby:
  5. if i ever find it ...the python pink gaucho cruise clutch ... :crybaby:

    apart from that i dont know i am focusing on my shoe collection at the moment so maybe another dior pumps ! :smile:
  6. Just from the sound of it, it sounds divine! do you have any pics of it, I would love to see how it looks. TIA

    Must be a really eye-pooping clutch :drool::drool::drool:
  7. I found mine from a great seller in GERMANY! it is in mint condition, and i was the only one to bid on it. I got it for 250euro.

  8. a lady dior in the perforated version or the jeanne evening bag. although that would be an incredibly long shot there.

    ah the pains of being broke.
  9. :heart::okay::drool::okay::heart: if you see one anywhere ladies...:graucho:
  10. hmm..I bought some Dior addict Lipgloss today. :p

    My next big Dior purchase will probably be another Gaucho one day.
    (I sent back the red tote from Bluefly, the shoulder straps were too short for my liking.)
  11. lady dior tote or east/west lady dior tote :smile:

    but i kind of want a metallic mini gaucho... though i have mine in the maroon moyen :smile:
  12. I like this bag...
    guess i can only get it from eBay
    christian dior.jpg
  13. Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle and Dior detective.