what is your new year's resolution?

  1. 2008 is coming!
    what is your new year's resolution.??
  2. I am going to train and complete my first marathon in 2008.
  3. Try not to spend as much as I do on bags :p My boyfriend and I are planning on buying a house in a few years, so we got to save as much money as possible :yes:
  4. I need to watch the spending, I promise this every year & never can follow thru.
  5. Quit smoking.
  6. Work out 3x a week.
    Move out of my parents' house by June.
    Save $12,000 towards a downpayment on my first house.
    Learn to love myself even more.
    Travel to Europe.
    Become fully fluent in Spanish.
  7. work out and lose at least 5 pounds..LOL!
  8. Quit smoking and get healthy again (ie. visit gym more and eat healthy!)
  9. Save to put a down payment on my first condo.

    Move completely on through a few events that happened last year.

    Focus on making myself happy first.
  10. Start playing indoor soccer again...start saving up money for important stuff.
  11. i would love to learn korean maybe i should start in 2008
  12. Eat healthier...exercise more
  13. Spend less
    Loose weight and eat healthier
    Quit smoking or at least smoke less(thats gonna make the losing weight thing harder:push:smile:
    Stay connected and reconnect with family and friends
  14. I don't really have one. every year I do it never makes much difference.
  15. Learn how to play golf w/ my 3 year old son.