What is your favourite Chanel item and why?

  1. of all my stuff including jewellery, my favourite is my fabric patchwork flap as it is very girly, distinctive from other Chanels and I love the patchwork itself.
  2. Defintley the black classic flap, it sounds weird but it just makes me feel like a princess. It goes with everything as well.
  3. Black 2.55 with gold hardware!
  4. I love the black classic flap as well it's so classic and it goes well with everything..
  5. In terms of a bag yy Paris Biarritz tote because I get so much use out of it.

    For footwear it would be my black Cambon flats. Again, so much use out of them.
  6. I love the black GST, very versatile and functional.
  7. In terms of bags, then it would have to be my red lambskin medium classic flap with silver hardware which I bought in 2005 as it is so gorgeous to look at although I have to admit that my navy patent jumbo comes a very close second, it's the best navy bag I have owned.

    I have a jacket from 97P collection which I love and haven't seen one I like more yet!
  8. honestly the first chanel bag that made me want to buy a chanel is the original coco cabas. so i say that it's my favourite chanel item
  9. I am always changing my mind....I never have a favorite that lasts more than a few weeks, right now its my black coco's croco in the 227 size:graucho:
  10. my black meduim classic flap with silver h/w- I Feel special whenever I wear it
  11. My red caviar jumbo flap! I can't go anywhere without getting tons of compliments especially from SA's.
  12. My grey 2005 reissue 227 size.. cause its my first :shame:
  13. my favorite chanel item is my chanel sunnies. i bought them with my first paycheck when i was 16! but about a year ago, someone stole it from my workplace..it was especially sentimental and meaningful to me. i cried for a long while..and then my bf was so sweet and immediately bought me the same pair. altho its not the same, it means so much to me!
  14. red caviar jumbo flap!!! its such beautiful, versatile color!
  15. For the last two weeks is been the Hollywood tote..I am in love:heart: