What is your favorite sunless tanning product?

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  1. OK, being Irish, I am, well, pigment challenged.:shame: I have used Clarins for years, but wondered what others are using?
  2. I have Estee Lauder at the moment & I really like it.
  3. I have used several and one of the best is Loreal Sublime.
  4. St.Tropez :heart:
  5. Irishgal, have you tried the spray booths. I use the mystic tan one, you strip off in your own private room, 18 seconds on the front, turn around and then the same on your back and you are done and can get dressed immediately after towel drying.
    I would never go back to creams now, this is soooo easy, and lasts 7 days.
    I get a course of three at a time and it costs around 40 pounds, so this course of 3 I spread out through one month.
    Its fab :smile:
  6. I love Mystic Tan, but you are right, it is $25 per here in the states, and I would need to go about every 5 days. Sometimes I go and then keep the color with the creams..but it is great..
  7. Jergens natural glow. It's the only one that i found that a) showed up on my medium Asian skin, b) didn't make me orange, and c) was streak-free and easy to use.
  8. I love Jergins Daily Glow Moisturizer. Its very subtle and doesnt have that funny smell some self tanners have. I am very fair and its goof proof.
  9. I love Jergens Daily glow. It's so much easier than tanning lotions. You really cant mess it up.
  10. I have tried them all and I have to say the one I like the best is Loreal Sublime Bronze. It is the only one I've tried that is not orangey at all. I love it!
  11. I tried this week the new Dove and it gives you a very light colour that is really nice (Estee Lauder for the face, though) :smile:
    But L'Oreal Sublime Bronze is great for a real, well, bronze colour!!! ;)
  12. I've tried most of them - I don't like the goop - L'oreal Sublime Towelettes are absolutely foolproof and give me the color I want.( I only use on body - I don't do my face).
  13. i gotta try the Jergens but what's a really good one to use on the face? i don't want to break out or end up with a rash. i have pretty sensitive skin.
  14. I like Clinque too. If I need more color quickly.
  15. Jergens natural glow seems best for regular use. If you put it on like moisturizer everyday, you will get tan and will not have streaks, or stained clothing! I like L'oreal sublime bronze too, and use their facial formula occassionally...but when I used it every day my cream colored sheets (high thread count too!) ended up tanned...