What is your favorite Peyton??

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What is your favorite Color? I think these are all of them :)

  1. Purple Patent (rare)

  2. White Patent

  3. Black Patent

  4. Gray Patent

  5. Green Patent

  6. Red Patent

  7. Saddle

  8. Metallic

  9. Blue Croc ( i think there is one?)

  10. Gun metal

  11. atlantic

  12. Fushia

  13. Pearl Green

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  1. I'm just curious and have some time on my hands kinda bored lol, i have been seeing a lot of reveals on peytons and want to know your favorite color??
  2. There's a green croc too, bottle green (not green patent), brown/tan suede, and a green/olive suede, and a canvas w/ python trim also :smile:
  3. really?? i don't know how to edit the poll sucks :sad: maybe someone can edit it to add those colors :smile:
  4. i can't choose just one!!!
    white patent (i have it)
    red patent
  5. Black patent. I think.
    Several are so so lovely to me.
  6. come on lady :P
  7. I think both the black and red patent are simply stunning, but the red is the only one that literally made me drool a little, so I chose red! LOL.
  8. Purple Patent or Atlantic
  9. I dream of finding a Purple patent. I am still hunting for both the red and atlantic. I did find 1 in atlantic, but they are asking for $900, way too much. But I'll just keep drooling. Did anyone else notice is some of the original Coach adds that they featured a green and pink leather with contrasting trim?
  10. Atlantic!! I've never even seen it before, but I love Coach's take on that color, so I'm sure I'd be misty-eyed over it!
  11. I love them all but the grey patent took me the better part of a year to acquire so, I picked that one!
  12. I would love to see the purple patent peyton!
  13. Fuchsia and Saddle are my favorites! I own one and dream about the other.
  14. Red patent would be my fave because that's the one I was lucky enough to get (at the outlet, without the bullseye!).
  15. Baglady39 has one. Just search threads started by her. She did a whole reveal on it. The lining is not legacy though..

    So back on topic. I would love an Atlantic one or Red Patent, Purple Patent but that's too hard to find.

    I do love my Bottle Green one!