What is your favorite LV keepall?

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What is your favorite LV keepall?

  1. classic Monogtam

  2. Multicolor

  3. Epi

  4. Mini Monogram

  5. Men's Spring/Summer 2006 (colored leather)

  6. Cerise

  7. Graffiti

  8. Metallic-this fall

  9. Other

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  1. I adore the mini monogram initials:love: ! Hopefully I can get it soon!
  2. I have many Keepalls but I do enjoy my Multicolore 45 the most!
  3. I dun have any keepall, but I vote for GRAFFITI.
  4. I love my Monogram Keepall. I will also my metallic Keepall when it comes out ^_~
  5. totally monogram!
  6. I have the 55 and the 45.The 45 is the most useful to me.
  7. Classic Mono then the MC of course!
  8. Classic monogram :smile:
  9. love the mini monogram and the epi:love: ....they're not too seen
  10. epi
  11. Graffiti!!!
  12. MONogram.
  13. Mono all the way b/c represents the original spirit of Louis Vuitton luggage.
    Epi is my least favorite...I like color in smaller amounts.
  14. Go epi ! There's this one on eBay right now in myrtile, it's so gorgeous !
  15. Classic mono, I don't seem to really like it in anything else.