What is your favorite bag at the moment?

  1. I know our tastes (and bag collections!!) change on a daily basis (of for some it's a hourly change! :p).

    A few weeks ago it was my HH Dominique Hobo. While I still love it, I have been using my black Longchamp Le Pilage bag 24/7. I purchased it with the intention of using it as a rainy day bag but I love it so much! It's so light, large enough to carry everything I need and easy to carry over the shoulders. My hot pink chameleon insert really makes it the perfect bag.

    I made a goal with myself that I would not purchase another bag until I lost 5 pounds (2.5 pounds left to go). I will get another Longchamp, again in black but the smaller version.

    So, what is your favorite bag these days??
  2. I was so obsessed with my Baca that I got another one! LOVE THEM! I want more! Think 3 is too many of the same purse?
  3. I'm with you. I have 4 Bacas, and love them!!! Wouldn't hesitate getting another!
  4. MbyMK Concrete Jungle Satchel, it holds everything and looks great too.
  5. At the moment it's my orla kiely sling bag. It's got a bright funky design, lightweight, wipe clean (vinyl) just the right size, can be worn on the shoulder or across the body- definately going to be my summer holiday bag! Great when running around with the kids and not expensive so i could afford to replace it if needs be!
  6. I've been loving my HH chalk havana hobo and wearing it a lot. The color and lightweight soft leather remind me of a cloud and are so nice on hot days.
  7. Right now, I want to wear my new Kooba Sienna to death!! But, I'll probably sling her around for a day or two, and change out.
  8. I've been using my black Kooba Jessie almost everyday since I got her!
  9. My red chanel.
  10. My emerald first b-bag
  11. That's so tough ... probably my Gryson Josey in tan. Or my Rafe Kate hobo in gray (only because I just got it a couple of days ago!).
  12. I've been using my YSL Downtown for the last few days - I love it to death! I think it's my favorite bag right now.
  13. lately i've been obsessed with chanel, esp the coco cabas style...
  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Cabas, so fabulous and functional, but my favorite bag happens to be whatever bag I purchased last.

    Right now it's the black patent Rock by Chanel. It hasn't come out of the closet yet, but I can't wait to use it!
  15. ^^^ Hi guys- I am also obsessed with the Chanel Coco Cabas. I even posted a thread about it. My SA got one for me but I can't fathom spending 2k on a bag right now. Oh well.