What is your fave non handbag item?

  1. Since I have been putting my collection together for the showcase pics, it's been fun to play with it all! I think my earmuffs are really neat!! What is your fave non handbag item you own or want???:love:
  2. A nonbag item I want is a Tomtom. It's a portable navigation system. I need it sometimes for I get lost :biggrin:

  3. OMG I want a tomtom so badly. The commercial I saw yesterday had it so you could program it so John Cleese's voice was the voice saying the directions *dies*. We're huge Mony Python fans, my boyfriend would flip out if I got one.
  4. An earmuff fan, hunh? Maybe you'd be interested in the chinchilla ones LV is producing for this fall- even Marc was wearing them! I'm getting the matching scarf :love:
    00300m.jpg 00370m.jpg 00240m.jpg
  5. oooooooooooh! the earmuffs are HOT HOT HOT!!! lol how much are they?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!
  6. my favortie non bag item is my (i dunno if this doesnt count) but its my Hermes wallet
  7. Hmm..I'd say either my Sweet Monogram earrings or my Inclusion Speedy keychains.
  8. My favorite nonhandbag item (assuming we should stay in the apparel area) are my Swatch watches. I recently started buying those again and I have 8 of them. They're so unusual and cool-looking. I always get compliments on them plus they take me back to my high school days when Swatches were the in thing! LOL...memories...:lol:
  9. The VIP gift chopsticks, so cute !

    I'm really loving cles lately also, it's taken me a trip to Europe and abandoning my wallet at home to realize how useful these guys are !
  10. we have one! my husband uses Arnold's voice sometimes. As much as i talk about it, the tomtom is the best thing ever, especially on vacation. we can rent a car and tomtom is portable, so we can have it in any state as long as you import the proper map.:cool:
  11. My favorite item besides my LV handbags is the new Hermes bracelet I just bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Congrats TR!!! My favorites would be my Hermes bracelet/scarves.
  13. My Favorite would be my Chanel Diamond J12 watch I just bought!!!!!!!!!
  14. The ones I have are the mink LV ones, my husband would have a fit if I ask for another already:biggrin: Maybe I'll go for the scarf!!:biggrin:
  15. I don't really have one (does cles count?:lol:) but I think I want to get the pink "denim" head scarf!!!:love: