What is this pink patent LV?

  1. Does anyone have a front view pic of this bag? I'm curious, not sure I saw it in the lookbook, or perhaps I didn't recognise it in another colour?
  2. I could be a runway only bag. IE not for release. Sad, its cute.
  3. Hmm those also come in blue. Whichever styles look like that but are blue, that's the same one. I'll see if I can find it.
  4. It's cute. Too bad it was made just for runway.
  5. Well I can't find the pic I was thinking of, but Nita (bagsnbags) has the brown one in her signature picture.
  6. Oh yes, I see what you mean. Thanks! Too bad this small handbag design isn't released.

  7. You're welcome!
    I'm surprised they didn't have plans to release this one..I know it'd sell well.
  8. Yeah, I like this one and the one in Nita's picture....not being released :sad:
  9. That's too bad, that coral pink actually looks quite nice!
  10. i like the coral better than the blue!
  11. Aww...this would have sold well if they produced it.
  12. Yea...they were some type of Vernis bags....very pretty colors! I love how they are somewhat two-toned...very pretty! Sad that they didn't release them (probably production issues again LOL)
  13. During my hair appointment today I saw this in what I believe was HarpersBazaar magazine, I saw the bag from the front.

    It is gorgeous, the one I saw was a beautiful blue.
    I would Looove to know more about it too!
  14. Any more info on this bag?
    Is it for sure a runway only bag?
    Nita - you have this on your sig, do you know anyhting.
    After seeing the blue bag in a magazine, I am obsessed...
  15. It is cute.