What is this colour?

  1. Looks like you missed it!
  2. no I didn't.......
    I thought I might take the chance and see if it might patch up?
    Do you think it's too much to take on?
  3. Oh - so you bought it, I clicked on the link and saw that it had been bought and thought somebody had beaten you to it.

    I think the mark might fade but I'm not sure you will be able to get rid of it completely - still its worth a try I suppose.

    Congrats by the way!
  4. Pen is really tricky to get out. I got it on a bag once & couldn't shift it although I have heard others say they've managed it. Lovely colour bag, could it be marine?
  5. No I'm sure it won't go completely..
    I know that sounds silly but I've always wanted a bag that I can chuck around, ie airports...sports day etc and not worry about damaging.
    The rest of my bags are treated extremely well!
  6. ^^That could be the one then. Congrats. Good price.
  7. Pen completely came out of my aqua Mabel but not out of one of my Radley bags.
    I think it might depend on how long it's been there.
  8. wow that is a lovely colour - hope you get the mark off !
  9. rachiem .........just saw the price you got it at...........fantastical find!
  10. Well done on the purchase, a great bargain, love the colour. Lakeland do a leather cleaning set, 3 bottles one of which is a specialist ink remover especially designed to remove ink from leather, I've ordered it but yet to use it...always wise to try a bit on an inconspicuous area first.
  11. Wow, that's a great bargain! Hope you get the pen out but even if you don't, like you said, you can chuck it around without worrying!!!
  12. Congratulations, try baby wipes, they usually can take most things away.
    Lovely color, and a true bargain
  13. thanks. I've bought a special leather ink spot remover which states that it can remove ink without taking the colour out of the bag (there was even a picture of a Bayswater next to it)
    I will just try it gently with some cotton buds and see how it goes.
    The seller used to work for Mulberry and won it in their summer party raffle (I wish we had work parties that raffled off Mulberry bags)!!
  14. Rachiem, great buy! Where did you get the ink remover from? My fuschia mabel has a ink mark on the strap, so let me know how you get on. Thanks :tup: