What is this Chanel???

  1. Can someone please identify what bag Mischa have here???? It's soooo cute!!!!

  2. i believe that is the lady braid flap in plum/violet (i don't know the official name). i love the strap on these!
  3. That does look nice! I was very seriously thinking about getting a lady braid, then I changed my mind. But after seeing this pruple bag, I just love it!
  4. very nice!!!
  5. Yeah, that's what I guessed too.... I wonder how much this bag runs. Lady Braid doctor's bag was like $2500..... I got to check with my SA and put my name on a list.

    I wish Chanel stops bringing this many fab. bags in one season....I'll be a homeless lady with fab. bags:roflmfao:
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