What is this Chanel and can I still get it? I need it!

  1. I love this Chanel bag and I want it so badly. I haven't seen it at my Saks and I'm zillions of miles from a Chanel boutique. Does anyone recognize it, know how much it costs, colors it comes in, if it's still available, anything? I know it's not the normal expandable with the flap on top since it appears to have a zipper, too. If I knew what it was, I'd probably just call Chanel and have someone mail it to me! It is love at first sight!:heart:
  2. That purse looks so familiar, but i have been staring at purses all day so i couldnt remember specifically. You can also always try eBay, if you cant find it elsewhere. Be sure to post in the Authenticate this thread, so you can confirm ;)
  3. Believe me, I looked through eBay up and down to get the name of it, but I can't locate it. If I could just figure out at least the name of it, then I'd have a fighting chance of getting one shipped to me, you know? I have never seen this particular bag before, except maybe on the Chanel Web site awhile back. I, too, look at bags all the freakin' time so they start looking similar.
  4. It's the PNY flap. I think it's pretty much sold out everywhere.
  5. Well now that you got the name of it, let the hunting begin! good luck!
  6. Damn. Of course I'm so late to get on the bandwagon up here in the sticks of Connecticut. :smile: Thanks for the help. If anyone else has any info, please let me know! I will begin searching now!
  7. Sold out, from 2006
  8. this bag is HTF now, your best bet would be eBay! good luck!
  9. The bag is from the Paris New York (PNY) collection. It retailed for about $2,500 when it was available in boutiques. It was available in black, dark gold, and dark white in the U.S. I have seen a picture of one celeb with a burgundy flap but it was never available in that color in the U.S. Maybe Europe?

    Your only hope now is the resale market/eBay.
  10. oh that is lovely. You should see it in white, wonderful I saw Renee Zelweger (cant spell) with it out. gorgogeous lol
  11. Sorry but it's sold out. My SA at NM just checked and she said she hasn't seen the bag in at least a year. You can try looking at the expandable flap which looks almost similar. Check the reference library under expandable ligne. Hope that helps.
  12. Thanks for all your help! Yeah, I was considering the expandable flap anyway. I just liked how this one was a little larger. With a 3-year-old, I am toting around a lot of stuff. It looks a little bit more rugged than the standard lambskin, too. My son, when he shops with me, loves to touch my Chanel bags and I thought maybe something other than the lambskin would hold up better! :smile: Thanks again. I am going to go mourn for my "lost love" now. If anyone sees it on eBay, let me know and I will keep looking!
  13. I wouuld love to get my hands on one of these babies- white or black...
    good luck, I have seen a few white ones pop up at ridiculous prices, but I have yet to see a black one
  14. interesting
  15. I found a white one on Canadian eBay with a really high above-retail price. Heck, though, I'd probably pay above retail for a black one if anyone is interested in selling!!!!