What is this bag?

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  1. I was in NM in Vegas the other day and I tried on this b-bag that I thought was the Purse, it didn't have a handle but it had the purse shape. But it seemed smaller than 11x17 though I didn't measure it. It seemed more like 9x12 I thought. It was in the truffle color.

    So when I came home and looked up the Purse and saw that it was 11x17 I thought well that doesn't seem right. I must have been way off with estimating size. Because the Purse is the only style on LP's site with that shape and no strap (other than Shopping).

    But then I saw this attached image on another website, and they called it the 'Shopper'. It's size is 8x12x3. So this is DEFINITELY more along the lines of the size that I tried on at NM. It fit right under my arm and reminded me of a slightly bigger First. But what is it? There's no 'Shopper' on LP's site. And the Shopping is much bigger than the Purse. I didn't know was a third style around that size with no strap.

    Anyone? :confused1:

    I attached the image that is supposedly of the 'Shopper' that is 8x12.

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  2. This Bag is the Purse...and I'm not sure but I think it was called the Shopper in the past...
    Now it's discontinued...
    and the Shopper is now another style without zipper...
  3. okay but the Purse is 11x17 right?

    the one I tried on at NM seemed much smaller, like 9x12.

    and then this one was on bagborroworsteal listed as 8x12.

    so it seemed like THIS one was the one i tried on. smaller. was there ever a smaller version of the Purse?
  4. Hmm I can't really figure out what bag you are referring to. The one you posted is the purse... This one was smaller with no strap?? Could it be a make-up clutch? :confused1: IDK... but I'll be in Las Vegas in a few days and I'm def going to check out NM so I'll let you know if I see that and what it is. :smile:
  5. Marae,
    I could swear I saw the exact same bag today and I was thinking the same thing....that it seemed smaller than 11x17. The salesguy told me it was a new style but I don't think he sounded like he was too sure. This one I saw was white and then they also had a black one. It was cute. I had always thought I wouldn't like a purse because it would be too big but I liked this bag's size. I am interested in finding out too. I guess I could call the buyer at the store and ask her what it was.
  6. No shoulder strap, you mean, right? I don't know, the purse generally strikes me as smaller than its official measurements, for some reason. My guess is they just measured it in a different way - rather than laid flat, and measured seam-to-seam, they measured the way it hangs with stuff in it, so it has depth as well as height and width (8x12x3). The purse used to be known as the shopper - then it was discontinued for a season or two, reintroduced as the purse, and now is discontinued again. The shoppING is a kind of squarish bag and it's pretty big.
  7. after i saw this thread, i looked at my purse and i couldn't believe it is said to be 11x17! it seems smaller than that. the shopping is a really big bag...a lot bigger than the purse.
  8. okay so maybe it IS the purse and it's just a weird measurement. i seriously loved this bag but i thought it seemed smaller than i thought a purse was.

    the funny thing was the SA at NM was pretty clueless..she looked it up for me and the picture had a really long name but the first word was 'purse'. so i said okay it's the purse style. and she's like uhh yeah i guess. just as clueless as me! :biggrin:

    then when i got home and checked out LP's site and saw the purse was technically measured at 11x17 i was thinking NO WAY was that the bag i tried on. then i saw that picture on bbs called the 'shopper' and i was even more confused. but it sounds like it's a purse after all.

    in any case i loved it. i am so disappointed they are discontinuing it and hope i can get one on ebay at some point in the future. the truffle color was perfect for that style i thought! mmm!!

    thanks gals!! mystery solved?! purse yet with smallish measurements, hehe.

    pewter, please do check it out when you are there, and report back ... hehehe.