What is the style name for this bag?

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  1. I think it is the Maddy, but Ann's Fabulous Finds is calling it the Mahina (LV?).

    I just put it on layaway. Is it a comfortable bag?

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  2. This is definitely the Maddy (smaller than the Mahala). Many Choo lovers find the Maddy more comfortable. I prefer the Mahala, as I like to be able to wear the bag hooked over my shoulder. I would say it is a personal preference.

  3. Most Choos have considerable depth. Maddys are about 9" (same as the height). I can wear my Maddys on the shoulder, but not with a bulky coat.
  4. I am so happy to hear that you can fit it on your shoulder! My second Choo in a week! :yahoo:
  5. Just one thing about this bag, Anns is calling it electric blue and it is actually the cobalt blue. Still a gorgeous bag and it sold out pretty quick. It is from cruise 2009.
  6. I thought it looked more like Cobalt - which I love!! ;)

    I am surprised that Ann's messed up the description so much!

    Thank you for your expertise!