What is the name of the "puffy" chanel line?

  1. I am loving the bowling tote or the flap, I just cant decide. the tot is 2500 and the flap is 2650... HELP
  2. Are you talking about the bubble quilt line?

    If so, I'd go w/ the bowler if you carry more and if you're interested in a daytime bag. Plus, it's cheaper and you get more bag for your buck.
  3. Since you are new here you may not know about our fabulous sub-forum. It has tons of pics. Here's a quick link to the bubble-quilt ligne. But be sure to check out the other treads. You'll have a Chanel-gasm.

    Bubble Quilt reference thread
  4. BTW, the choc. brown in this ligne is TDF IRL.
  5. :roflmfao: Chanel-gasm!
  6. Its Called the Bubble Quilt... there are pics in the reference library