What is the most popular style and color?

  1. I have looked around this forum and many of the magazines.
    What is the most popular bag style, size and color in your opinion?
    Which bag have you seen more often?

    My vote is the 35 blue jean togo Birkin bag:love:

    My dream bag!!
  2. Another very popular is Gold Togo 35 with either gold or pal HW
  3. It's such a personal choice - I can't say there's one that's THE most popular - black would be probably the most basic color, but I love the blues....orange....reds...and pinks! As far as size, it really depends on how large or small of a purse/bag you tend to carry - and it depends on your height for what would look best on you...sorry not much help!
  4. I totally agree that BJ, Gold, and Black are the most popular colors and 35 is the most popular size.
  5. I think black, blue jean, gold & fuschia birkins seem to be the most popular choice here.

    But my favorite will always be baby pink. Fell in love with the croc one shown by constance.
  6. In the thread "Who's waiting next for the Birkin?" the most popular is gold, 30cm, palladium hardware, chevre/togo
  7. For me, it will always be the thalassa blue box birkin 30 with pall hw.

    That was the 1st birkin I saw on eBay that made me fell in love with birkin bags. It was an auction by CDL.

    And I was lucky enuff to acquire one thru a very nice girl, who's a member here also.
  8. Me me me !!!! said the little gold Birkin :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    Birkin ny.JPG
  9. Love your bag Cilifene! Just gorgeous! *DROOL* I am on the waitlist for that and Chocolate (among a litany of other colors) but that is definitely one of my all time favorite colors!
  10. I think the gold togo 35 birkin is the most popular.

    The most attractive to me is the black box or gold togo in 32 HAC, with gold hardware.

    The perfect combination would be 2 birkins and 2 kellys, in spring-summer/fall-winter colors!!!
  11. My sister just returned from New York this morning stated she saw a lot of Berdorf Blondes with Black Birkin.

    And large engagment rings!!!!!!
  12. i dont think there is such a thing as popular style or color when it comes to hermes. i would say that it depends on what you want or your needs for that matter. if you carry a birkin or kelly that pretty much summarizes it all. its an hermes. a black birkin with gold hrdware and kelly in black is basic. and its a neccessity darlin'!!!!
  13. Is the the gold color ?
    gold Hermes.jpg
  14. Yes, that's gold. It's beautiful and practical.
  15. Popular one in my mind are:
    Blue jean/ gold/ Black 35 togo