What is the most expensive bag that you've given away

  1. For Christmas, I wanted to give my mom something nice, but couldn't think of anything. Although she doesn't own any high-end bags, she often admire those designer bags. I went to a local LV store and bought her a LV Mono Haut Popincourt. I still remember her face expression when she received it.

    What was the most expensive bag that you've given to a love-one, relative, or friend?
  2. A Fendi Spy (for my mom)
  3. a damier geant messenger for my bf
  4. Chanel bag to my mom.
  5. epi alma for my mom
  6. I buy my mom a purse every year but I can't really remember which one would be the most expensive. This year I am giving her a black Ferragamo that's probably around $900. I also give her other things in addition to the purse.
  7. Chloe Betty ($1800 or so) to my sister...she loved it!
  8. Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.
  9. LV Mono Pochette to my ex-bestfriend...definitely something I regret after what she did.
  10. I've never given bags away to anyone but I know that I'd give up ALL my bags for BF if needed be.
  11. First class soccer tickets for the world championship in Germany for my parents. My dad almost broke out in tears when I gave him the ticket because it's a once in a lifetime experience.
  12. I've given my mom a LV Multipli-cité and a MJ Stella (and other designer bags) but she never uses them. She puts them away in her closet and takes out her other bags. I've asked her why she doesn't use them and she'll say they are too nice to use everyday. My sister has received a few LVs from me (Cherry Blossom and Mini Monos). Unlike my mom, she does use them from time to time. :yes:
  13. Well, the most expensive I will be giving soon, will be to my mom. I think it will be a Louis Vuitton Epi Alma.
  14. The most expensive bag I have given away was my Louis Vuitton Multicolore Trouville to my sister. The others I have given away, LV Monogram Sonatine and LV Damier Tango. But, I don't know why....
  15. my mom --- lv bag
    my cousin that i love dearly -- lv vanilla croisette