What is the largest LV tote?

  1. Hi, all...just wondering what the largest LV tote is....also, is the LV Angelina Jolie always wearing the Cabas Piano?? Thanks!:smile:
  2. i think i've seen her carrying both the Cabas Piano and Cabas Mezzo

    how big a tote do you want?

    the Monogram Babylone and Luco are bigger than the Cabas Mezzo. the Multicolore Aurelia GM is also enormous. and the Damier Saleya MM and GM are huge too.
  3. its just that they are always showing the same picture of her. I have the BH and its pretty big!!! it holds alot.
  4. THe mezzo is pretty darn big (dunno if its the biggest now)...i know they used to make an even bigger one called the Alto (? I think that's the name) but it's not made any more.
  5. Angelina has the cabas piano. Go on vuitton.com, it has all the dimentions. I use a purple vernis MM, It's huge! Those Damier saleyas are pretty big too.
  6. Thanks for the info:smile: I think I am leaning towards the Mezzo...does anyone know the price of this bag?
  7. If you can find a Cabas Alto, that's pretty big!
  8. Cabas Alto, Reade GM, Parioli, Chelsea, Multipli-cite, Luco, yeah thats all I can think of
  9. Angelina has both. The one on the left is Mezzo and the one of the right is Piano.
    jolie1.jpg jolie2.jpg
  10. The biggest tote I know they make now is the Aurelia GM. The biggest tote that is discontinued is the Cabas Alto.
  11. Thanks guys...especially LVAddict for the side by side pics...I DEFINITELY want the Mezzo...that is like $940, right??
  12. Yes the mezzo is $940.
  13. You can SO it. :biggrin:
  14. The piano is soooooooooooo cute!! Great little casual purse.
  15. Ditto. Although you can Special Order the Cabas Alto.:biggrin::yes: