What is the hardest BBag to get...wish my dream came true

  1. Wow, I`m still wish my dream Bag....maybe you guys know it.:nuts:
    Yes you were right...eggplant mania.. has swept USA and it seems
    it never (almost)appears on Ebay much:hysteric: lately.
    Any ideas which other ones are hard to get:upsidedown: ?
    Lilac 04 , Indigo city, skyblue city........etc
  2. I agree with what you said. I'll add orange, mustard, emerald'03- that what comes to mind.
  3. these are some of my fave colours..
    the 1st photo is coffee from '02, i love the brown/black color more than ink/black. i don't think they have this colour anymore.
    2nd one is magenta '05
    3rd is orange '04
    4th is pistachio '04
    5th is red '03
    6th is sky blue '05
    7th is eggplant
    8th is red metallic
    DSCN1222.jpg DSCN1302.jpg DSCN1304.jpg DSCN1231.jpg DSCN1362.jpg DSCN1318.jpg 72_1_b.JPG PICT0003.JPG
  4. Did the purse ever come in Teal? If so, that is my dream b-bag :smile:
  5. Do you mean Turquoise? If so, do you mean '04 or '05?
    Edit: oops ... I see there really was a Teal color! I don't believe I've seen this color ... or how it compares to the Turquoises...
  6. ^ teal is much more subtle than (not as bright as) 05 turquoise & more vintage-y looking
  7. Turquoise and seafoam are hard to come by.
  8. i agree with seahorse and add seafoam (i don't think that one was listed).
    one can only hope that s/s 07 will have similar colors to these...after all many of the f/w 06 colors are similar to the popular colors from the previous seasons like bordeaux, etc.
    or maybe i'm just dreaming....:tender:
  9. oooh... yes peanut, seafoam is a nice colour... and turqoise in both year :P