What is the flowered textured Sienna Bag?

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  1. I was just browsing on ebay a few days ago and I saw a "Buy it Now" very low price for a brown textured and etched type of flower pattern Sienna bag for a very low price. I wondered when they made those and if they were nice and in demand a while back. It was pretty....I was not sure it was authentic...
  2. They've had lots of the floral embossed brown Siennas at the Off Fifth outlet, so with a coupon someone could have gotten one for a pretty, good deal. Not saying that it is authentic, but I've seen quite a few of the embossed Siennas on sale. You can post the auction link in the authenticate thread if you think you may want to BIN.
  3. Yes, when I was at Off Fifth a month or so ago, they had a few of them on display there, too. Great looking bag for that price!
  4. I believe Kooba did make the floral embossed Sienna in brown and black. The issue for some people with them is that the embossed leather is very stiff, not like the original Siennas at all. I think someone, maybe it was Lexie, said it felt like carrying a board under her arm. So I don't think they've been too popular with members of this board. It would be best of course to try it out for yourself and see what you think!
  5. Rainbow, the embossed Siennas weren't a huge hit mostly because of the stiff leather. I'm not sure that these bags were ever much in-demand, as it had to complete with all of the smooth n' squishy Koobas. But... that just means the price goes down and we're able to buy it cheaper! If you love the bag, definitely buy it!!!
  6. It has a hippy-vibe to it, which is nice.....if you love it, snag it! :P
  7. i have a florally embossed sienna in the brown color and i love it! This was the bag that actually drew me into kooba. i first saw it on elux and i drooled but then blew it off becasue of the price. but when the price went way down around xmas time i snagged and i was very happy with it! The leather is very sturdy (atleast compared to alot of the other koobas) but I was very pleased with it and loved the flower pattern. It almosts reminds me of like kooba meets isabella fiore. It is def. my "hippy, boho chic" purse!:yes:
  8. Oh, thanks, it is over, the auction, but it was about 250 for a buy it now, I loved the look of it, but like the soft squishy leather..Thanks!!! :smile:
  9. Yes, I love the boho chic look, but maybe would not like a stiffer leather, would love a sienna though....but isn't it substantially heavy? I lifted one up at Bloomies once..and alnost died of the empty weight..But I simply love the bag and marvel at these little bitty girls toting them around with stuff lol...Thanks!!!!
  10. We were busy over the weekend and picked up my Dad at the Ariport..missed the end of that auction. I had just bought an old vintage Coach on Ebay and am low on funds. I am a member of that forum also. I need an intervention since this seems to be my new obsesssion lately...Love the Kooba..saw an ivory one at the Airport.and loved it so much!!! I drooled....LOL:drool:
  11. I am going to wait until I buy one of the regular sienna's on sale someday. That Harper bag looked so nice in the "IN STYLE magazine, but is definitely not the one from the movie, "knocked Up" That one was cute from what I could see of it, but it was sort of a vintage embossed hippy type bag which was unknown to me. Lexie saw it and was not impressed at all after all that press in IN STYLE. They should say it is not a KOOBA but a look alike I think. I ended up ordering a sale distressed roots bag with tassels that looked really cute that they recommended on Starstyle for $129.00 in LA...My compensation for waiting for the movie. It is called the medium emily in Tribe leather which is sold out now....but not the one I wanted..KOOBA...LOL :nuts:
  13. So true, I never thought of it that way! :smile:
  14. knics33......I knew the embossed Sienna reminded me of another bag, and it is the IF style. Thanks for jogging my memory!