What is the exact year LV stopped using real brass?


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Oct 20, 2019
The brass "description" is not consistent across the items:

i.e. Petite Malle - Golden brass finishings
Bisten 60 and Case with Mirror - Golden brass pieces
Delightful - Golden brass hardware
Confidence Bag Charm/Key Holder - Acetate and golden brass
Round Coin Purse - Golden brass metallic pieces
Noe - Shiny brass pieces
Speedy Bandouliere 30 Mon Monogram - Shiny golden brass hardware and padlock
What about the speedy 25 was that brass hatdware


Nov 14, 2017
real brass tarnishes and turns green...you see it on the older speedys. my 1992 speedy did it
But can't you polish real brass with Brasso? Coated metal, if/when it chips, it not fixable at all! But, I've revamped some vintage Coach bags with brass hardware to look almost new.


Nov 14, 2017
That is so sad!!!!

I just looked up the retail price of Solid Brass Zippers vs Plated Brass…

They are roughly in the same price range….

and fact is… even if they are different in price,
we are talking about CENTS per Zipper…. they get them wholesale
and bulk…

I would be willing to pay a larger mark up , for solid brass…
I bet I am not alone in this thought…..

They could have stayed with solid brass, and charged
$10 extra and I bet people would be happier than
they are now, with chipping and pealing hardware… :sad:
Totally agree. I can't believe a thousand dollar item has plated metal! This is actually one of the main reasons I turned away from LV.
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