what is the drummed and smooth leather made of? (buffalo, calfskin or lambskin etc?)

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  1. hello all! after browsing through the web and many postings, i'm still very confused about the leather used on the luggages. some looked softer, others harder, although they all looked like the "drummed" leather. i dont know if its because of time that my bag loses its original "hard" and structured form from.

    can someone advise please? what leather is the drummed/grained/pebbled leather made from? if not please direct me to the relevant thread? thanks! ;););)
  2. There are some clues on the Celine website, the one below is described as smooth calfskin.

    Style: Luggage Mini in Multicolor Smooth Calfskin
    Color: White
    Season: Spring 2013
  3. Thanks elliespurse... But am actually wondering about the solid colours, especially the resort 2012 range.. My description tags reads 100% vitello, 100% veau and 100% calfskin.. So wondering if mine has been through rough uses that made it so much softer than the new ones.. ;)