What is the best way to ship from Ireland to US

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  1. I just purchased a higher priced item from a seller in Ireland. She would like to ship Fed Ex but it's very costly and I worry about duties I will pay. Can someone advise me if there is an Ireland postal mail svc like USPS that she can ship and will be delivered by USPS in the end? I know in Asia that is like an EMS type thing.

    Thank you!
  2. I thought that every country has their own EMS - Ireland should have it too.
  3. I looked it up but it gives 0 options to insure! Is that right??? That seems totally risky.
  4. AnPost (the Irish Post) will be handled by USPS in the USA. The problem with AnPost is that the insurable value is very limited (€ 35 max.) on all non-EU mail. (Even within the EU the max. is only €150.) So the only failproof method would be FedEx or any other courier service with comprehensive insurance.
    Although registered mail seldom gets lost, but occasionally it does.
    Just had a recent case when my bag disappeared for one full month in the black hole of ISC NY (sorting / customs facility) with zero update - thankfully the buyer (a PFer) was very nice and patient about it. Then it moved on / got delivered just a few days before ebay's INR case-window was up. But i had some packets lost forever to ISC NY.
    I think your seller is right about insisting on FedEx, it's too risky without proper insurance. Or if she's anywhere near to Northern Ireland, she could drive up there to avail of Royal Mail's better insurance (up to £500) - that's what i usually do when mailing pricier items overseas. Royal Mail also gets handled by USPS in the USA.
  5. I'm not familiar with Ireland but Northern Ireland will have the same postal service as England so that would be my first question - which part of Ireland is your seller based in?

    As far as England/Northern Ireland are concerned then EMS is NOT available via our normal post office - you have to use what is classed as a courier for this service and it is very expensive. Our normal post office will only insure up to a specific value so your seller may be concerned about this depending on the value of the item.

    Fedex is expensive and you would likely have duties to pay on arrival.

    AN Post (for "southern" Ireland) does seem to offer an "International Courier" service which, for a 2kg, parcel would cost 80 Euros (115 USD) but only insures up to 350 Euros (490 USD). AN Post would be delivered by USPS.

    Please do be aware that postage rates from this neck of the woods are more expensive than similar services purchased in the US.

    Are you able to provide an approximate value and weight of your item as Fedex (or other courier services) may be the only option for your seller?
  6. Yes but it's not available through Post Offices so is significantly more expensive than in countries where you can purchase it through Post Offices. Hope that makes sense.
  7. Just out of curiosity, where do you purchase EMS service? Thanks....
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    Thank you. She's in Northern Ireland. Is that as bad as England for duties and fees?
  9. Parcelforce, DHL, Fedex - all online or via telephone.
  10. Northern Ireland is part of the UK, as is England. So the seller will have the same postal services available to her as I have. Unfortunately, for the value of your purchase then she won't be able to insure it through the Post Office as they don't offer enough insurance. So she's quite right wanting to use a courier company like Fedex and, unfortunately, there will be a significant cost with that.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "is that as bad as England for duties and fees" - duties etc have nothing to do with where an item is shipped from but are a taxation imposed by the importer's government. It wouldn't matter, for example, whether I received an item from the US or from Japan, I would still be liable for the same charges from customs. Hope that makes sense.

    I have replied to your PM with more information. Hope that helps.