What is the best First gucci to get

  1. Want to spend under 1000 for first gucci purchase...which bag is a classic and it a good first gucci for a 30 year old?? thanks
  2. What kind of style do you like? what size? and what color?
  3. Well, i love the medium chain hobo...also the small pelham...but that is a little more than i want to spend and i am not sure what color straps for the pelham...white or brown. The abbey looks nice too...so around the size of the medium hobo i think. i like the gucci canvas material...would like leather but that gets pricey
  4. The abbey collections are all very nice bags and I love them all!! They aren't too pricey compare to other bags either...

    I really like this the abbey medium b/c it has a zipper, http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/classics/handbags/#0-163464-141470F4DYG9773

    The large tote is very cute too, http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/classics/handbags/#0-163466-14147T

    I have this abbey medium and I absolutely LOVE IT! http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/classics/handbags/#0-163477-130736F4DYG9773

    If you don't care for having a zipper, how about the new britt large tote?

    Majority of the bags have multiple colors to choose from, either white, brown or black...

    Hope this helps! Happy Shopping!!! :yahoo:
  5. i own the medium chain hobo ($830) and the small pelham ($1330) and agree that these are GREAT classic bags to start your collection!
    also all the abbeys are priced great. my sister has the abbey medium hobo ($745). the only complaint she has is that the top is not zip top so things fall out for example in the car if your purse topples over.
    def show us what you get!!!!! ;)
  6. Well if you're looking to spend less than 1K, the pelham wouldn't be an option but the medium chain horsebit hobo would be.
  7. i agree the abbey is a nice one!
    post pictures when you get it

    but i also like the medium chain hobo!
  8. :tup:i iam crazy...so here is what i think i will take to the store tomorrow and try them all on
    'chain' medium hobo with horsebit detail strap, zip-top closure, studs, and inside zip pocket. 14.5''L x 3.5''W x 10.8''H.
    beige/ebony GG fabric with dark brown leather trim and light gold hardware.

    115867 F40K G964
    2. 'chain' large hobo with horsebit detail strap and inside zip pocket. 18.8"L x 4.8"W x 15"H.
    beige/ebony GG fabric with dark brown leather trim and light gold hardware.

    114900 F4FM G964
    3. 'abbey' medium shoulder bag with double straps, tab snap closure, gucci script logo, D ring detail, studs, cell phone pocket, and inside zip pocket. 17''L x 4.5''W x 8''H.
    beige/ebony GG fabric with dark brown leather trim and light gold hardware.

    130736 F4DY G964
    4. 'pelham' small shoulder bag with double braided straps, tab snap closure, horsebits, studs, bottom feet, and inside zip pocket. 14.2"L x 3.9"W x 11.2"H.
    sand/ebony GG fabric with gunmetal leather trim and light gold hardware. website exclusive.

    162900 FFP6 G969
    5. 'princy' medium or large tote with tab snap closure, double straps, bow, inside zip pocket, and cell phone pocket. 14.2"L x 3.9"W x 9.1"H.
    beige/ebony GG fabric with green/red/green signature web bow, white leather trim, and light gold hardware.

    163805 FCER G842
    6. 'abbey' medium shoulder bag with double straps, zip-top closure, gucci script logo, D ring details, and inside zip pocket. 12.5''L x 5''W x 9''H.
    beige/ebony GG fabric with dark brown leather trim and light gold hardware.

    141470 F4DY G964
  9. Like everyone said, if you can stretch your budget a lil bit, I really think the pelham is worth it. I personally don't have one but my friend has a brown one and I have to say it's a gorgeous bag! Very classic and very comfortable to wear. But ultimately it's all up to you, and whatever you get, let us know! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!
  10. thanks it is def between pehlam abbey and chain hobo...just gotta try it on and decide if i want to break the bank for the pelhan
  11. okay i'm not much of a help because i like all of your choices! LOL :p Try to get the one that you like the most and the most comfortable to carry out of all of them. This is crucial because it'll be your first Gucci!!! And please post pics as soon as you get her!!! Congratulations in advance!!!!
  12. Shoot I get frustrated with that.Follow the thread and then nothing.:boxing:

    Want 2 know what the decision was:nuts:Need 2 know what the decision was:nogood:

    Two of those bags in her list are two of the ones that I am deciding on

    choosing from when I get my next Gucci. The chain medium hobo or Abbey

    medium shoulder bag, the one with the zip top.:confused1: My girlfriend has this

    one so I have seen it in real life. Seems very practacle,tasteful and

    classic for sure. Just don't know between the two.:heart: