What is that website

  1. where you can read private feedback? I can't remember and I could not find it in a search.
  2. Thank you :flowers:
  3. Is it mentioned in the eBay safety tips sticky? It probably should be if it isn't already as it is such a great resource.
  4. thanks :smile:
    Oh and a buyer received my item yesterday, but hasn't left feedback *i left hers when she paid* is it okay to mail her and ask that she leaves me feedback when she gets time to?
  5. Toolhaus.org or goofbay.com

    I usually send a follow up message making sure that the item arrived safely and thanking them for their business, it's appreciated, etc. This usually works, but now I don't leave feedback first, unless of course I'm the buyer.
  6. thanks girls
  7. even if it was removed etc?
  8. Toolhaus.org I think that is what you are wanting?
  9. With the new changes taking place on eBay, some of the FB can't be retrieved even by ToolHaus - which really sucks. I am not sure if they fixed this already but this was the case when eBay revamped their site a few months ago, blocking third party access to their database, supposedly to protect members.
  10. I remember I have read a post telling a website where we are able to search certain seller or buyer's transaction histories on eBAY.
    Which website was that again?

  11. Are you talking about the Feedback history?

    The only one I know of is www.toolhaus.com or org but that gives neg, and nuetral FB given and recieved and I believe now that it also gives mutual withdrawals.....not sure if that is what you are looking for.
  12. 4theluvof-it,
    thanks for the information, but i think it was a different one, shows all the deals that seller made including private listed items.