what is on Paris's Head?

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  1. I want to know what is on her head its obviously Chanel but what is it and how old is it? How do i find it? I LOVE IT. Is it a belt? A scarf? A headband? It ties in the back..? I am searching thank you
  2. Sorry... I don't have the answer to your question.... I thought this thread was about "what's in her brain"...

    (I hope I didn't offend any Paris' fans... I really misread the topic)
  3. Oh god I absolutely adore it! I want it tooooo!!!!!
  4. I wasn't going to comment but that's just hilarious:lol:
  5. is that really paris? Since when does she hang out with the twins? :confused1: Or is that Richie?
    Isn't it just a ribbon that comes on the chanel box when you purchase at the boutique? :p
  6. looks like Richie to me.
  7. Looks like Nicole and Paris to me!!
  8. I think this picture is from pretty long ago. If I'm not wrong, this was taken the day they officially made up after their feud.
  9. looks like from the sports line, i have seen her wear that headband quite alot.
  10. i don't know but it's a old picture so what she is using might not be available unless you find it on eBay
  11. LOL!
  12. Agree w/ you, it is from the Chanel sport line, not sure if still avail.
  13. Its from the sportsline about two years ago 2005..its really cute I agree
  14. well if anyone sees it let me know thank you
  15. That was What I was thinking:roflmfao:LOL